The best writing in the world is simple, clear and understandable. It takes complex topics and distills them down to something human — relatable and shareable.
This is not the best writing in the world.
This is a start. The beginning of something I think is amazing, a fresh take on the indecipherable reporting we’re all too accustomed to. This is not just how Amazon uses voice recordings, but why it matters to customers and privacy. This is not just how the Nintendo Switch transcends portable and home consoles, but why it signals a change in strategy. This is the story behind the Tesla S-curve.  This is the future of truly wireless headphones.
This is the business journalism we’ve wanted to know about but have been too afraid to ask.
My background as an insurance investigator and adjuster means asking the hard questions and digging until I get answers. My Masters in Business and Economic Reporting from New York University means experience with the most advanced techniques in journalism and investigating. My Masters in Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh means I report on the straight news — and beyond it. And my fascination with film lets me tell stories in unique, innovative ways.
All of this boils down to good writing: clear, functional and maybe even enjoyable. That’s what business journalism is. Simplifying the complex.
If you can’t explain it simply, after all, you don’t understand it yourself.
Know deeper.